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Employer - Schools (Government)
Job title - Canteen Manager
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Warracknabeal Secondary College is a rural government school based in the prosperous country town in the heart of Victoria’s wheat belt. Due to the closest secondary college being at least 55 kilometres away, Warracknabeal Secondary College services an extensive rural community in the Yarriambiack Shire. Warracknabeal has approximately 2,500 residents, which is situated 60 kilometres north of Horsham (population of approximately 18,000.) The town is situated on the Henty Highway, by the gum-lined banks of the Yarriambiack Creek. The town’s name derives from an Aboriginal expression relating to the large red gums along the creek. It is approximately a four-hour drive from Melbourne.
We are a vision-oriented school, with our own mission and values. We aim to empower students who come to Warracknabeal Secondary College to ‘be able to choose a life that has meaning.’ We reinforce our values of Honesty, Excellence, Respect, Resilience and Perseverance through awarding students with Young Achiever Awards for displaying these values. Being part of a close community, results in a strong relationship centred education, based on high expectations of behaviour and learning.
In 2020, there are approximately 180 fulltime students enrolled. Most of our students live in town with approximately 30% arriving by bus across five bus routes. There is a strong sporting culture in the school with many students and staff playing at local clubs.
Some of the sports offered in Warracknabeal include:
Football, Netball, Basketball, Field Hockey, Roller Derby, Boxing, Tennis, Cricket, Golf, Table Tennis and Swimming.
There are currently 24 EFT (Effective Full Time) teachers, which includes the Principal, Assistant Principal and three Leading Teachers supported by 9 Education Support Staff. We have a number of staff who are local to Warracknabeal or the greater region, who are complemented by teachers from the ‘Teach for Australia’ program and ‘Melbourne University Graduate’ Program.
Warracknabeal Secondary College has a strong commitment to consistent teaching and learning practices based on the ‘Powerful Learning’ strategies. Lessons have clear ‘learning intentions’ and ‘success criteria’ to help students focus on what they are learning.
We use data to inform our decisions, both at a strategic level and at a classroom level. The school has clear expectations of student behaviour, creating a calm learning environment in classes.
ICT is embedded through the curriculum, as the school has a BYOD (bring your own device).We extensively use Edmodo for sharing of information, communicating with and providing feedback to students and parents, as well as submitting work.
We are committed to a rigorous and diverse curriculum for those with academic and/or practical pathways. Year 7-9 is based on the Victorian Curriculum. English, Mathematics and Personal Development are core subjects. Students also have the opportunity to modify their timetable to support their individual pathway.
In the senior years we are committed to providing as many opportunities for our students as possible. We run a three year VCE program, beginning in Year 10, in order to increase subject options for students. We usually have small Year 12 classes and we support students enrolled in virtual classes or subjects by Distance Education.
For students following a practical pathway, we have a rigorous VCAL (Victorian Certificate of Ap
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Job Location Gippsland VIC
Date Posted 25 May 2020
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