Senior Mechanical Engineering Technician

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Employer - A&J AUSTRALIA
Job Description

Responsibilities include but are not limited to:
Mechanical Engineering Technician Duties:
(1) Preparing drawings, plans and designs for mechanical engineering work;
(2) Selecting tools and equipment;
(3) Assembling and installing new and modified mechanical assemblies, components, machine tools;
(4) Assisting Mechanical Engineers and Engineering Technologists in the design of mechanical equipment and plant;
(5) Estimating material costs and quantities, and machine requirements;
(6) Program and install machines and equipment;
(7) Identify faults in machines and equipment;
(8) Communicate with suppliers to order replacement parts for the machines and equipment;
(9) Repair equipment , and replace faulty parts of the equipment;
(10) Conduct testing programs;
(11) Organising and supervising inspection and maintenance of machines and plants;
(12) Liaise with technicians, system designers, and office staff.
(13) Ensuring that designs and finished work are within specifications, regulations and contract provisions
*And Senior Technician duties:
*(14) Determining, implementing and monitoring engineering strategies, policies and plans. establishing project schedules and budgets;
(15) Ensuring the works of other Mechanical Engineering Technicians meet the engineering standards of quality; observing costs , safety, timeliness and performance
(16) Interpreting plans, drawings and specifications, and providing advice on engineering methods and procedures to achieve construction and production requirements to factory works and other Mechanical Engineering Technicians
(17) Ensuring the finished products conformity with specifications and plans, and with laws, regulations and safety standards
(18) Overseeing maintenance requirements to optimise efficiency
(19) Liaising with marketing, research and manufacturing managers regarding engineering aspects of new construction and product design
Position Requirements:
Minimum three years’ experience in the position of Mechanical Engineering Technician.
There is no English requirement for this role.
Job Type: Full-time

Location - Australia
Date Posted - 19 Jul 2019
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