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Employer - Rabobank
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Job Overview & Purpose*:
In June 2015, APRA raised the importance of change relating to RAG’s credit compliance and hindsight approval practices. APRA indicated that enhancements were required to ensure this key function and activity be sufficiently comprehensive and independent, and to in turn provide enhanced insight on actual practices and trends of significance to Senior Management and the third line of assurance. This new role is therefore designed to strengthen and improve on existing capabilities in place. The main purpose of the Loan Review function will be to:

Either 1. Work under the Local ‘Way of Working’ established 2015/16 to fortify Local Risk practices as encouraged by APRA;
Compliance assess that a sample of credit decisions/transactions are within approval authorities, and to also provide a quality of decision opinion.
Assurance check that a sample of post approval activities/transactions (settlement and ongoing loan maintenance) are in line with credit approvals granted.
And or 2. Work under the WRR ‘Way of Working;
Assurance check a sample of client credit files in line with the WRR Way of Working for the Loan Review Function. This check will be a ‘deep dive’ for the client credit file.
Act as the centre of knowledge for Loan Review standards (Local & WRR Way of Working) and set the minimum expectations for credit assurance activities within RAG.
Skilling across the two ‘Ways of Working’ will be encouraged. Context of Job:
The primary responsibility of the Risk Division is to manage all material risks (being credit, operational, market and other key related risks) within appetite authorities, expectations and approval levels granted by the RAG Executive Team, RAG Board and Rabobank Group Executive Board.
The Loan Review function is an independent operating unit within the local Risk Department responsible for the credit compliance and hindsight assurance framework within RAG. Prior to 2016 most credit compliance and hindsight reviews were limited to Country Banking lending matters and were predominantly peer-to-peer reviews completed by Credit staff amongst their other duties. Thus the establishing of the independent unit (Loan Review function) enabled RAG to strengthen and broaden its existing hindsight practices through the creation of dedicated full time roles for credit compliance and hindsight assurance, as well as expanding coverage of activities to include Wholesale Banking, Major AgriClients (MAC), Staff Loans, FR&R matters, and Credit Committee (LCC) decisions. This change aligned RAG’s credit compliance and assurance framework with that of best practice in the Australian Banking market to ensure this key activity complies with the expectations of the Australian Banking regulator, APRA. The purpose of the Loan Review function is:

To maintain a master standard (including structured templates) for hindsight review/credit compliance activities.
Be the centre of excellence for Loan Review services and implement (revised) policies and procedures to achieve a level of consistency for Loan Review activities performed.
Perform hindsight review/credit compliance activities independent of decision/approval authority.
Increase the overall sample size of hindsight review work presently performed (pre 2016) to that of market best practice, plus meet the quantum expectation of APRA (minimum: of 5% to 10% of all credit decisions).
Maintain an escalation process (of material issues) and an Action Lo

Location - Australia
Date Posted - 18 Jul 2019
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