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Employer - Australian Home Partners
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Do you list and sell one to two homes per month? Then partner with us and earn up to $220k or more per year! This is not sliding scale, it's 95% Commission on every sale.
Even just 4 sales a year and you'll be hundreds a week better off. (We're going to help you sell more anyway)
Enter your figures into our calculator at Then call us, do it now!
Australian Home Partners Agents enjoy ABS (absolute best support) in Australia. You list and sell, we do the rest. You have access to all necessary subscriptions, including 60 day Premieres on REA with interest free vendor finance for ALL marketing costs from $250 up. Boost your sales and get your profile up there on steroids!
There's no pressure, work at your pace and earn what suits you, or go hard and earn a gazillion dollars. No sales meetings, caravans, kpi's, office b/s or selling principals to compete with.
This will also suit established Sales or Rental Agency Owners wishing to ditch the dreary franchise burden, slash their outgoings and increase their bottom line.
We provide fully AOS (awesome office support) that would shame most franchises, 7 days a week, and all the tools you need to conduct your own EPS (exceptionally profitable sales) from home or your office. Use our branding (recommended) or yours. We are a wholly Australian family owned company with no overseas connections.
Real Estate is addictive, frustrating, challenging, heartbreaking, heartwarming, rewarding, but let's make it fun too!
Get excited and call us on 1300 796 232, or email (less exciting) your interest , and we'll be in touch.
Job Type: Full-time
real estate: 1 year (Required)
Real Estate (Required)

Location - Australia
Date Posted - 17 Jul 2019
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